• Distributing and Servicing Printers, Scanners & Terminals

    NEWAY Distribution Ltd

    As a leader in barcode readers, terminals and printers, NEWAY strives to provide professionalism and quality service without compromise! NEWAY offers solutions for businesses in a wide range of industries, distributing its products nationally through resellers.

  • Distributing and Servicing Printers, Scanners & Terminals


    Terminals are a necessary tool for any business seeking to manage inventory at peak efficiency. NEWAY offers a variety of mobile computer terminals, with large touch screens, enhanced durability and battery life.

  • Distributing and Servicing Printers, Scanners & Terminals

    Hand-held barcode readers

    NEWAY distributes a variety of hand-held barcode scanners allowing for a professional solution for a wide range of businesses; NEWAY works with manufacturers of advanced technologies in order to provide customers with affordable and easy to operate handheld scanners.

  • Distributing and Servicing Printers, Scanners & Terminals


    NEWAY company offers a wide range of Datamax-Oneil, Argox & Godex printers ​​suited for a wide range of businesses, from small shops to factories and logistics centers.

  • Distributing and Servicing Printers, Scanners & Terminals

    On-Counter Barcode Scanners

    NEWAY offers customers an extensive selection of the most sophisticated and advanced on-counter barcode readers in the market. The size of the barcode readers ranges from large stationary scanners that absorb information at a wide angle, and compact desktop barcode readers that can be picked up and use them as needed.

  • Distributing and Servicing Printers, Scanners & Terminals

    New Product: COBALTO

    New Product: COBALTO 1D desktop reader DATALOGIC products.


COBALTO CO5300 New Product
The new Cobalto™ CO5300 omnidirectional presentation …

We are pleased to announce that Neway has signed a …

New Service Lab
 \r\nWe are pleased to announce that NEWAY opens a Servicer …

New Product: PowerScan 9500 Series
The PowerScan 9500 Series of DATALOCIG  has arrived. The …


NEWAY is the leading importer and distributor of bar code scanners, rugged mobile computers, printers and other data collection hardware

NEWAY have a professional experience of 20 years. our experience in the field allows us to offer our business partners and customers an experience and knowledge in consulting services to adjust device to the specific business needs.

NEWAY offers ideal solutions for businesses and companies, and distributes its products through reseller's experts around the country.

NEWAY has long term business relationships with leading manufacturers in their field. These companies are carefully selected after a profound knowledge and professional experience with their products; Products imported by Nivea are designed to answer every need according to the needs of the customer's business, so the company maintains contacts with a variety of leading manufacturers.

NEWAY offers customers local laboratory services to shorten and accelerate the repair.