NEWAY was founded by Menachem Kaplan and Yohanan Pinsler in 2011 after about 20 years of experience in the field. The company focuses on the import and distribution of scanners, terminals, printers and data collection equipment. NEWAY provides support products and services to businesses and companies in a wide range of sectors, including: manufacturing, aviation, medicine, retail and many others. Marketing and distribution of the company’s products and services is carried out through a wide network of agents spread throughout the country. The company’s vision NEWAY strives at all times to be a leader in its field of activity in Israel and it directs its resources to establish similar activities in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Greece. The company’s business values: professionalism, quality and service are engraved on its flag! Ideal fit for different businesses The products imported by NEWAY are manufactured by the most advanced and sophisticated companies in the field of barcode readers, terminals and printers. By importing from a number of leading companies, Nivai does not depend on the products of this or that company to provide an ideal solution to the needs of any business. The specialization of distribution agents in specific sectors also enables a response to unique needs. Nivai makes sure to create and manage its business relationships with companies that believe in high quality and innovative and reliable technologies. Comprehensive service and professional support The company’s rich experience and its extensive business relationships in the barcode reader market, terminals and printers, enable it to offer comprehensive professional services in accordance with the specific needs of its customers. As part of these services, NEWAY offers local laboratory services for efficient and fast handling of the repair of the products it imports. Also, the contact with the distributor continues after the sale and our professional service can be used at any time.

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