NEWAY Distribution Ltd. is a leading company in the field of barcode readers, terminals and printers, and is unique in its field.

NEWAY has 20 years of experience in the field. The rich experience in the field enables Nivai to offer its business partners and customers a great deal of experience and knowledge.

NEWAY offers ideal solutions for businesses and companies and distributes its products through expert marketers spread across the country. We only sell to resellers and not end customers.

NEWAY maintains long-term business relationships with leading manufacturers in their field. These companies have been carefully selected after deep familiarity and extensive professional experience with their products; The products that NEWAY imports are designed to provide a solution to every need in accordance with the business needs of the end customer, so the company maintains contacts with a variety of leading manufacturing companies.

NEWAY offers its customers local laboratory services for shortening and accelerating repair processes and in addition, the company offers consulting services to adapt the device to the specific business needs.

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